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Bouldering Training Plan


  • 100% Customised Training Plan
  • Focused on strength and power for bouldering
  • Access to the Lattice Training app
  • Includes an assessment
  • Plan built specifically for your unique strengths and weaknesses
  • Access to detailed training sessions
  • View, log and track your progress with our app
  • Session specific notes, for further direction from your coach

You must use and start this plan within 6 months of purchase. The current wait time for this plan is 2 – 3 weeks.

open quotation A fully customised training plan built for boulderers who want detailed session guidance, and structured training, all delivered by our easy-to-use Lattice Training app closed quotation

How we deliver

Your training journey starts with a physical assessment and a preplan form, so that your coach can get a good picture of your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your training history, time to train, available equipment and future goals.

Our coaches will then build you a 100% customised training plan that’s focused on the most efficient, productive and healthy way to make progress within your bouldering focus, all delivered via the interactive Lattice Training App.

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Plans that surprise and delight!

After just the first 4 weeks i went from being a v5/6 climber to flashing v7 and climbing my first v8! i have seen significant improvements in all areas by the end of my first plan and immediately signed up for a second!

- Josh

Supported by the best coaches in the industry

I have recently finished my 1st 3 months with you. I’m thoroughly enjoying my plan and I particularly wanted to single out Jon Proctor for his support. Any queries I have had have been answered promptly, professionally and with a ’can do’ attitude that has been above and beyond my expectations.

- PJ
Josh bouldering indoors

Beyond expected results

I have been following a Lite Plan for around 5 months now and even before completing my first training cycle the results I achieved for my finger strength testing session were beyond expected! The results were also visible on the wall when to my surprise I was able to complete a V7 training circuit for a power endurance session with moderate ease. I have gained so much in my climbing strength and knowledge from such a supportive and invaluable team at Lattice.

- Jinalee
Indoor bouldering

More Details

Plan Delivery

By purchasing the Bouldering Training Plan, you are getting access to our team of highly experienced plan writers. Bouldering is a discipline that demands high levels of strength, power and technical execution. Let our team lean on their experience of working with many of the world’s best indoor and outdoor boulderers, to build you a personalised plan for your own goals and aims.

Every climber has unique strengths, weaknesses and goals so no single, generic training plan will work for everyone. This is why we write every Bouldering Training Plan by hand and we’re able to build plans that specifically address the aspects of training that deliver results. The Bouldering Training Plan is powered entirely through the Lattice Training App, a portal for your whole training experience. Here you will be able to access your training plan, training sessions and organise your own weekly schedule. Once sessions have been completed, you will be able to log them and track your progress over the weeks leveraging the best analytics platform for your climbing and training.


The Bouldering Training Plan requires one upfront payment of $205, this provides you with your personalised week plan.

Please note that your Bouldering Training Plan must be used within 6 months of purchase.


Before starting on a Bouldering Training Plan, we’ll first put you through a mini-assessment so that we can objectively measure your strengths and weaknesses. We’ll also ask you for details about your goals, training history, available facilities, desired training days, etc. Once we have this information we’ll sit down and write you a plan that is uniquely tailored to you and your goals.


Equipment Required:

  • 20mm flat edge e.g. Lattice Training Rung or —Beastmaker 1000 (bottom outer edges)
  • Pull-up bar
  • Weights
  • Scales
  • A Sling
  • Pulley System (3 carabiners and a pulley)
  • 2m Length of Rope
  • Climbing Harness
  • Access to a climbing gym


  • You must be over 18 years of age
  • You must have climbed V4/6b+/5.10+ in the last year
  • You must be able to hang bodyweight on a 20mm rung for 10 seconds or more
  • You must not be injured
  • You must accept that the testing and completion of the training plan does carry a risk of injury
  • Unfortunately, if you are pregnant we cannot offer assessment or training services because we aren’t insured for this. If you are currently pregnant please get in touch to discuss.



open quotation I finished it in March and completely exceeded my expectations when the outdoor season began. I climbed my first 7C which indeed was the goal for the spring and other easier problems that had felt impossible before. I don’t think this would’ve happened without a structured and well-thought-out plan. closed quotation